Exceptional Service, Affordable Pricing.

If you are anything like me this is probably the first page you clicked on. After all the whole reason to have investment property is to make money.

As landlords ourselves we understand this and that is why we offer pricing that is usually better than the competition, but at the same time offering advertising agency quality marketing and a personal management style where you are never handed off to an assistant.

There is no upfront cost to owners. All fees are taken from the tenant's payments. Owners can choose whether they would like tenant placement only, or tenant placement plus ongoing management.

Tenant Placement -
Complete program to place tenant in property
Includes professional photo package.
8% of the total rental amount for a 12 month lease.
(example: $1000/month lease = $960 paid out of first month's rent)

Ongoing Management - After tenant move-in this covers all ongoing management through the end of the lease.
Monthly fee of 8% of rent (example: $1000/month lease = $80 per month)


Atlanta Property Management